Winthrop Realty Trust is a Boston and New York-based real estate investment trust publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUR”. Our principal business activities include investing and making loans secured by real estate, joint venture investments with local real estate partners and acquiring equity and debt securities where the underlying assets consist of real estate.

Our management team is composed of individuals whose careers have been devoted to a value oriented opportunistic real estate investment strategy. Management seeks to earn high risk adjusted returns by targeting for acquisition assets which we believe are undervalued and/or exhibit the potential for superior growth. Where required, management has the skill sets to provide the property management, asset management and construction management expertise in order for our investments to realize their full potential. With certain limitations, we will invest in real estate asset categories as well as most positions throughout the capital structure.

Currently, we own a diverse group of properties, loans, securities and other real estate related assets. For more information, please see the Our Assets section.

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