Operating Properties

  • 2 triple net leased office properties consisting of more than 172,000 square feet of space in 2 states.

JV Properties

  • $15.0 million preferred equity interest in 446-High Line, LLC, the entity that owns the leasehold interest in the 105,000 square foot office building located at 450 West 14th Street, New York, New York.
  • A 50% interest in a joint venture with Marc Realty which holds a leasehold interest in the 71,000 square foot commercial/retail space that comprises the bottom three floors of an office building known as the James R. Thompson Center located in Chicago, Illinois. The leasehold interest is subject to a lease with the State of Illinois that expires September 2019 with five automatic five-year extensions.

All information is reported as of the Trust’s most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Please refer to the Trust’s SEC Filings for more detailed information concerning all of our assets.